Infiniteau Modular Swimming Pool

A built-in swimming pool integrates nicely into the garden and is very aesthetically pleasing as the view into the garden is not obstructed. This way you can easily keep an eye on your children when they are enthusiastically playing in the water. So safety comes first . Thanks to this innovative concept, an integrated swimming pool is no longer just for those with a very high budget, but you have an extremely modern and high-quality pool in your garden for a very affordable price. With an Infiniteau swimming pool you can easily create your own paradise in your own garden that no holiday abroad can beat.


Infiniteau is a modern built-in swimming pool in a sleek design that is completely embedded in the ground. The structure of your built-in swimming pool consists of hot galvanized metal covered with glass fiber reinforced PVC walls. Infiniteau is built modularly with parts of half a meter, so that you can determine the size of your pool yourself, down to half a meter. Infiniteau is very easy and super fast to install : after the concrete plateau is ready, this bath can be installed with 2 people in 1 day. So the water fun can start quickly.


The choice of a built-up swimming pool, a built-in swimming pool or a semi-buried swimming pool depends on your personal taste. A built-in swimming pool requires a little more preparatory work than a built-up swimming pool, but is extremely aesthetic since the view into the garden is not obstructed. And the list of advantages continues:

  • Attractive price
  • Short delivery time and simple assembly
  • Fast construction (1 day with 2 people, excluding concrete platform)
  • Bath can be filled without damming from the outside at the same time (self-supporting)
  • Durability of metal profiles and walls- Unlimited dimensions and customization per multiple of 0.5 m- Thermal insulation = walls have air insulation by honeycomb profile (R = 0.249 m2 K / W)


Since 2021, a new coating has been used to protect the metal structure even better against corrosion.

The use of Magnelis® offers additional benefits:

  • Magnelis® offers exceptional resistance to rust.
  • The layer repairs itself on cut edges; the place where corrosion usually occurs.
  • The product is more environmentally friendly than similar coatings.


This modular pool is available in 3 fully equipped standard kits: 3 x 5 m; 3.5 x 7 m or 4 x 8 m. A standard kit consists of: the metal structure + PVC panels, a light blue liner, skimmers, return, pipes, connectors, pump and sand filter, etc … In short, everything to enjoy your pool.

Would you prefer a different size? In addition to the standard sizes, you can determine the size of your bath per half meter. This way you can choose a swimming pool that fits perfectly in your garden.


Thanks to the modular system, the pool is very easy and quick to assemble. After pouring the concrete plateau, the bath can be placed with the 2 people in 1 day. The bath is also self-supporting. This means that it can be filled without having to dock it simultaneously.

Infiniteau Modular Swimming Pool
Infiniteau Modular Swimming Pool
Infiniteau Modular Swimming Pool
Infiniteau Modular Swimming Pool