Niveko Overflow Evolution One Piece Swimming Pool

The Overflow Evolution one piece swimming pool offers a minimalistic contemporary pool design. The overflow channel is concealed beneath the pool surround, providing a stunning and effective overflow solution.

At the cutting edge of design, the Overflow Evolution is the most stylish of the one piece swimming pools available in the One piece pool collection. The seamless blending of the water level and pool edge emphasises the brilliance of its design; where the water flows out is hardly recognisable. Finished with stainless steel flush fittings and a choice of multiple entry step solutions, the Overflow Evolution is the ultimate mirror swimming pool, making it the perfect addition to any home.

Who is the pool designed for?
The timeless design of the Overflow Evolution makes an impression like no other pool. Treat yourself to the ultimate minimalist experience.

Where is the pool designed for?
The NIVEKO Overflow Evolution is the perfect addition to the stylish concept of the modern house. For maximum silence, Evolution can be equipped with a quiet overflow variant Whisper. Its almost invisible edge will never go out of fashion, while also creating an aesthetically pleasing impression.

Niveko Custom Built Monopools
Niveko Custom Built Monopools