Niveko Overflow Multi One Piece Swimming Pool

Offering easy maintenance, Overflow Multi one piece swimming pools are our most popular overflow design. Our extensive range of channel covers includes PVC grating designs in a variety of colours, including natural granite and Greek stone.

The Overflow Multi, with its overall easy to maintain nature, is an attractive and modern staple in our one piece swimming pool collection. With an extensive choice of channel covers, from natural granite or Greek stones to PVC grating designs, the Overflow Multi can be tailor-made to you. To further enhance the serenity of your poolside atmosphere, our premium Whisper option delivers silent operation through a precisely designed overflow gutter; just one of the many additional features that are available to incorporate in your individually-designed project.

Who is the pool designed for?
The use of a PVC grid, which is available in several colour schemes, makes the Overflow Multi the ideal pool for family, fun and friends. Not to mention the fact that the PVC grid can easily be replaced with embedded natural granite, transforming the Multi into a designer pool with a touch of luxury.

Where is the pool designed for?
The Multi is a truly multipurpose model – it is ideal for the garden of a house, for indoors, or as a public pool.

Niveko Custom Built Monopools
Niveko Custom Built Monopools