Octoo / Oblong Wooden Pool

When you choose an Octoo Oblong, you choose an octagonal swimming pool that has been finished with durable materials down to the last detail. This swimming pool provides years of swimming fun. When you place this pool above ground or semi-buried, not only does the wooden structure come into its own, but you also create a convenient seating edge.

Diameter (Octoo) 400/500 cm
Height (Octoo) 120/133 cm

Dimension (Oblong) 620 x 390/810 x 460 cm
Height (Oblong) 120/133/146 cm

A standard Gardipool Octoo – Oblong consists of:

  • Wooden structure (45 mm) from Northern European pine, autoclaved (Octoo 6.25 in 68 mm)
  • Pool edge available in tropical hardwood (long side possibly in 2 parts) or in treated Northern European pine
  • Liner 75 / °° light blue + anti-bacteria felt 200 g / m² for ground surface
  • Anti-bacteria felt 200 g / m ² for inner wall lining (incl. Glue)
  • Sand filter with all accessories (pipes, connectors, sand, gravel)
  • Pump: 6/9/12 m³ / h
  • Skimmer and return
  • Stainless steel interior staircase + wooden exterior staircase in Northern European pine
  • Stainless steel corner supports
  • All mounting materials from stainless steel
  • The Oblong baths are fitted with metal, galvanized U-profiles
  • Matching pine planks for covering the metal vertical profiles
  • Maintenance kit (brush, vacuum cleaner, thermometer, hose, telescopic pole, landing net)
  • Summer cover blue, 400 micron
Octoo / Oblong Wooden Pool
Octoo / Oblong Wooden Pool
Octoo / Oblong Wooden Pool
Octoo / Oblong Wooden Pool