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Swimspa The Spirit

The Spirit Swim Spa combines our innovative Current Lift Technology™ with a generous lineup of unique massage therapy options: the Aqua Rolling Massage™, the Intense Therapy Zone™, the Therapy Wave Zone™, and the Waterfall Massage™. The Spirit is divided into separate swim and spa sections, and you can vary the temperature between the two.

This configuration allows you to enjoy a cool, comfortable workout followed by a warm, soothing soak. The Spirit’s Dual Zone heating system gives you the best of both worlds – swimming and relaxing – in a single swim spa. Passion Spas is the only Swim Spa manufacturer in the world to offer Current-Lift Technology™, enabling the swimmer to remain prone on the water surface at any degree of current intensity.

  • Dimensions Standard: 540 x 228 x 128 cm
  • Dimensions Deep: 540 x 228 x 152 cm
  • Number of Seats: 2
  • Number of loungers: 1
  • Total Massage Jets: 60
  • Turbo Swimjets: 4
  • Floor Swimjets: 2
  • Synergy Water Maintenance System
  • Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
  • Starbrite Interior LED light System
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Hybrid Heating™
  • Capacity Standard: 12000 liter
  • Dry Weight Standard: 1550 kg
  • Capacity Deep: 14000 liter
  • Dry Weight Deep: 1700 kg
  • Current-Lift Technology™
Swimspa The Spirit
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Swimspa The Spirit