Swimming Pools Range

A swimming pool in the garden … Who doesn’t dream of it? It is the perfect addition to fully enjoy the outdoors. In addition, a pool in the garden can also increase the value of your home. An investment for the children and for later! We are happy to discuss the advantages and possibilities of a built-in or surface-mounted swimming pool with you.


Made specifically to your garden’s measurement, a one-piece swimming pool is assembled off-site before being delivered and installed, making for a smooth and seamless process. Excluding the time it takes to prepare and excavate the ground, a one-piece swimming pool can take around a month from start to finish. By choosing a manufactured pool, the possibility of spending more time and money on construction is greatly decreased in comparison to choosing a tiled pool. Harsh weather such as wind, snow, and rain can often hamper the ability to deliver a tiled pool project on time.


Would you rather have an in-ground pool than a built-up pool? Then we have good news: having a built-in swimming pool installed has never been so easy! That is, if you opt for an Infiniteau swimming pool . This modular system is easy and quick to assemble. The only necessary preparation is pouring the concrete platform. You do not have to take maximum dimensions into account, you determine the total size yourself. There is no limit to endless enjoyment thanks to this innovative system.


Wood is a natural material. When you opt for a built-up swimming pool, wood is the perfect choice to create a harmonious whole in your garden. A wooden swimming pool is robust, durable and stable. And even if you do not opt ​​for a built-up swimming pool, but for a half or fully buried swimming pool, wood is a good choice. Just think of the many wooden jetties and piers on the coast. Do you prefer Belgian quality and craftsmanship? Then choose the wooden swimming pools of Gardipool .