Modular Swimming Pool Range

Modular Swimming Pools

Pool-structure in galvanized steel with walls in pvc strenghtened with glassfibre

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  • Easy to construct
  • Short delivery term
  • Fast construction (1 day with 2 persons, excl. concrete base)
  • Not necessary to fill the outside gradually when the pool is being filled with water
  • No need to cast in the profiles and no need to fill up the walls
  • Attractive pricing
  • Durability of metals profiles and pvc walls (life span of minimum 70 years)
  • Unlimited dimensions and custom-made per multiple of 50 cm
  • Positioning at choise of the built-in elements (skimmer, backflow return,..)
  • Thermic isolation = the walls have a honeycomb patern (R=0,249 m2 K/W)
  • Easy handling and transport (max. length 2,5 m)
  • Possibility to give a form in depth (diamond point or inclined bottom)
Modular Swimming Pools